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Believe it or not, we are available 24/7 to provide Registered Building Surveyor Certifier Services because we know some clients need  Building Surveyor Certifier services urgently. Unless we are on the line, we will respond and attend to your request. Obviously, you may have to at times leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, you can email us. In any case, our easy accessibility, customised services, and personalised approach set us apart from other professionals and companies in the industry. We also offer free Registered Building Surveyor Certifier quotes for our service offerings, so do not hesitate to browse our website, and send us your request. For additional details about our reliable, accurate and competitively priced registered building surveyor certifier services, please call Como Building Sydney at 0418 204 200. You can also drop us a line through this Online Form, and I will contact you soon to discuss your requirements.

Understanding What A NSW licensed Registered Building Surveyor Certifier Does

Mr Michael Como has been a licensed building surveyor Registered Certifier Principal Certifier since 2014. As a licensed NSW Registered Building Surveyor Certifier, in the Sydney metropolitan area we are focusing on –

/Issue the following certificates involving class 1 & 10 buildings under the NCC BCA Volume 2:

(i) complying development certificates [CDC] for building work, the demolition or removal of a building or change of use,

(ii) construction certificates [CC],

(iii) compliance certificates for building work

(iv) where we are the appointed Principal Certifier,  occupation certificates [OC] for completed work that is found to be compliant with the council Development Application [DA] & subsequently issued CC or CDC plus the appropriate version NCC BCA VOLUME 2 [Since 1/12/2019 Staged and/or Final OCs, before that date Interim and/or Final OCs]

/Exercise of functions under the EPA Act 1979 as a principal certifier for building work.

/Carry out critical stage inspections required under the EPA Act 1979.

/Carrying out inspections under EPA Regs 2021.

We are issuing CCs, and CDCs as a Registered Certifier authorising new building work for the construction of –

new duplexes, multi-dwelling housing [terraces], houses, additions, alterations, garages, granny flats, pools, fences, retaining walls, studios.

Under this umbrella, our services also encompass –

Interpretation of NSW legislation related to building surveying certification; Interpretation of NCC BCA Volume 2; NCC BCA Volume 2 Report writing; Dual Occupancy subdivision potential Report writing.

All the above will be quoted via a custom-tailored fee proposal establishing a fixed sum. We can conduct inspections of residential structures to determine their current condition and overall compliance with health safety standards to produce an NCC BCA Volume 2 Report.  The comprehensive building inspection thoroughly assesses the structure’s fabric, stability, structural integrity, and safety as outlined in the applicable NCC BCA Volume. The current NCC BCA Volume 2 2019 version was applied 1st May 2019. On the 1st of September 2022 the new version NCC BCA Volume 2 2022 comes into play.

We are required by the NSW Government & AIBS to participate in professional development by attending university, seminars, conventions, personal study etc.


Member AIBS Australian Institute of Building Surveyors Professional Standards Scheme.

Range Of Building Inspection Services

As a building surveyor & NSW licensed builder, we offer a range of building inspection services for residential properties.

You would find other certifiers do not do Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection.  A Pre-Purchase Building Report can provide you with knowledge about the status of a property before you purchase it, allowing you to prevent future difficulties and unforeseen expenses. In the past, we have conducted many Pre-purchase Building & Pest Inspections. Depending on the current requirements of the insurer, we may be able to carry out the same for an agreed contract sum. The Professional Indemnity insurer and their conditional requirements potentially change in the month August every year.

We may conduct inspections of residential structures to determine their current condition and overall compliance with safety standards. A professional building inspection will provide you with information about the present state of your property and save you from future issues and unexpected costs.

Dilapidation Reports – This report is provided after inspecting the present state of your home’s neighbouring properties. It allows you to take the necessary precautions and acquire a record of their home’s current condition which may be required before and after a significant construction or demolition activity.

Licenced NSW builder

As a licenced NSW builder since 1988, we are ready willing and able to do work that seems attractive to us but only under the umbrella of a contract with an agreed hourly rate etc.

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